Client Testimonials

"We strive to provide an excellent life coaching experience to all our clients.
Here's what our customers say about Mimi and The Pink Wing"

She helped me discover my strengths that would help me to start up again. We came up with a plan to get me going in the right direction. She helped me set realistic goals and expectations. She helped me to prioritize and manage my goals. Because of her, going back to work and starting my own business has been low stress and rewarding because I now have a clear picture of what I want to achieve and an open mind to do things differently. So far I have seen the many benefits of having her as my life coach!
— Vicky V.

She is an amazing listener who will often make me ask myself thought-provoking questions, questions that I didn’t even know I needed to ask. She never gives me answers, but rather encourages me to search deep within myself. It’s not always easy, but I feel like I’ve reached a level of self-awareness I never thought possible.
— Alex B.

Mimi is a gem. She’s an amazing listener, guide, and coach. She has a unique approach and open warm personality. What differentiates her is her presence, true care and active listening. She does not give you solutions or offers magical formulas. Rather, she skillfully leads you in our own journey to find the answers you are looking for. When I find myself in a maze and confused about life situation, Mimi’s sharp questions, sense of humor and lightness give me a fresh outlook, hope and strength to work out the problem I was battling with. I highly recommend Mimi and her services to anyone searching for clarity, guidance and personal growth!
— Svetlana K.

Mimi helped me get started on a project that has overwhelmed me for over a year. Without her help, I would still be putting it off for who knows how many years? Mimi was comfortable to talk to from the very beginning and so very supportive with genuine praise and caring. When I checked back in to let her know my progress, she was so happy for me and encouraging as well, so I feel I will complete the project and be able to feel good about myself.
— Kait S.

Mimi with The Pink Wing is just stellar! Not only is she smart and fun- loving, but she can change your outlook on dating and life into something very productive. Be careful, her energy is contagious!
— Stacey O.

What a godsend!! I want to give much thanks and praise to Mimi Davies whose feedback and guidance with organizing and prioritizing my life has helped me tremendously. Her suggestions were thought-provoking, and very, very helpful. Mimi is gifted counselor! I highly recommend her to anyone needing help focusing on what’s most important and setting and reaching goals
— Vivi T.