"You deserve a chance at achieving your dreams.
Find out how coaching can help you do just that and more!"


What is coaching?

A few decades ago, coaching was more common in the fields of management, business and career progression. Over the years, modern society has seen coaching become a lifestyle enhancer and a tool to reach goals in so many other aspects of our lives. You can find a health coach, a marriage coach, a bucket list coach, and pretty much a coach for anything anyone wants to achieve. So what makes this service so desirable and incredibly popular?

To me, and to many of my peers, it's really about the tranformational power that comes out of the co-creative relationship between a coach and the client. Coaching is a wonderful tool and support system for those who seek big shifts and tangible results. When you hire a coach, you want and need change, and you are absolutely committed to achieving your goals. Working with a dedicated and specialized coach allows you to shift your mindset, adopt a new attitude, think differently and find success and happiness in your endeavors.

How does coaching work?

As a coach, I walk with you every step of this transformational journey, cheering you along the way, guiding you when you lose track, and making sure you stay focused on your goals. I am your accountability partner and your thinking partner. I bring you the opportunity for meaningful and powerful dialogue. I offer you a safe, non-judgmental space to discuss your fears, obstacles, goals, wants and needs. I bring you new perspectives and invite you to expand your options. I encourage you to explore solutions and take action steps. I seek to inspire you. I aim to motivate you. I am your coach and always there for you.

If you haven't done it yet and want to experience the power of coaching for yourself, book your introductory session here.

How are the sessions conducted?

Coaching can be done face-to-face or by telephone. More than ever, clients are choosing to conduct their sessions by phone, from the comfort of their home, hotel room, office or really anywhere they are. The Pink Wing caters to clients worldwide and offers sessions by telephone and Skype. We also ensure that our clients can continue to communicate with their coach outside of the sessions via email for any questions or follow ups needed.

How long is each session?

Each individual session is 60 minutes of raw, uninterrupted and meaningful conversation.

What can I do to make the most of my sessions with my coach?

We recommend that you schedule your sessions in advance, and make them a priority. We understand that life obligations may interfere with your schedule. However skipping sessions will not contribute to the effectiveness of coaching. We recommend to reschedule your sessions in order to ensure a continuity in your coaching process. Appointments can be made here.

Bring your agenda to every session and be ready to discuss your improvement, your wins, what happened since last session, and anything that you wish to discuss with your coach. Give yourself a quiet space to hold these calls, be mindful and fully present. Engage with your coach, be open to possibilities and be willing to try new things.

How long does coaching take?

Each client brings his own set of goals, priorities, core values, lifestyle, personality and schedule. You may choose to work with a coach for a few sessions, a few months or even years. There is no limit to the length of the process, and you may choose to add sessions and continue the coaching process by purchasing additional sessions. The Pink Wing has created three packages that cater to our client's needs. Find out more here.

In which languages does the Pink Wing currently provide coaching?

At this time, we offer our coaching services in English and in French. We plan to support more languages in the near future, so stay in touch by subscribing to our Newsletter and following us on social media.

Does The Pink Wing only coach men?

Although our niche is men, we coach anyone who connects deeply with us and truly believes that we can help them in their journey of self-improvement and life transformation. In addition to that, through our Duo service we meet and coach women too. The message behind The Pink Wing is one of self-confidence, self-love, self-care, compassion, happiness, fun, love and passion. It's a universal message that knows no boundaries of gender, culture, beliefs, language, or sexual orientation. We hope to inspire men and women all over the world, wherever they call home, no matter who they are. And our mission is to spread this message as far as we can.

Does The Pink Wing offer military and veteran discounts?

We do for all US active and veteran members! Please contact us here to receive your discount code. This code cannot be combined with other discont codes.