duo coaching

"Join us and start your journey towards a better relationship"


Through working with us, men learn to integrate life coaching in their relationships with others, including their families and significant other. By popular demand we have created DUO, two packages that are tailored to those who want to be coached with someone they love and care about. Siblings, Friends, Partners, Fiancé, Spouse, Ex-Spouse to name but a few. All are welcome to choose DUO services and start their journey together towards a better relationship.

How is Coaching different than Therapy?

Relationships are fragile. Emotions run high. Stress gets in the way. Work can be overwhelming. Expectations put pressure on us. And the lack of good communication creates webs of misunderstandings and frustration. Allowing our coach Mimi to enter your world helps you get the support you need so you can work together towards a better relationship. Certified Coach Mimi is discrete, non-judgmental, neutral and will help you organically and effectively realign and meet your relationship goals. 

How does this work?

Due to the nature of coaching, both clients of DUO can conduct their sessions together, separately or apply a combination of both. After your initial complimentary initiation session with your coach Mimi, she will help you find the perfect balance and tailor your service to your specific situation.

Don't give up on your relationship. Click below and find the package that best suits your needs or start with a complimentary session to clarify your intentions.