Life Coaching In The Workplace


Hello there,

How amazing is it that you're here today, reading this and making that first positive step towards someone awesome! I'm very happy for you. It means that you care about your employees and I have a great, healthy, cost-effective solution for you:

Life Coaching in the workplace.

Now before we go any further, let me ask you this. Do you offer flexible scheduling? Day-care? Dry-cleaning? Games? Healthy Snacks? Free Food? Kombucha on Tap? Beer on Tap? Company Outings? Birthday Gifts? Anniversary Gifts? Company Trips? Year-End Bonuses? Yearly Salary Reviews?

Yes? No? Just a few of these? None of these?

The fact is in this day and age more and more companies are investing in company culture and non-wage compensations. It helps them increase the company appeal, attract and retain employees. You may wonder why YOU should offer fringe benefits and wellness solutions to your employees. And now I got you wondering why YOU should consider introducing Life Coaching as a wellness solution for your employees.

Well let me ask you this. Would you like to

  1. Increase staff efficiency and productivity?
  2. Minimize turnover?
  3. Invest in the happiness and health of employees?
  4. Increase staff morale?
  5. Improve company's culture?

By offering your employees to sign up for Life Coaching sessions at work, they get an opportunity for meaningful dialogue with a professional who can offer a different perspective and help them improve and make real changes. Employees lack of sleep, don't eat healthy, have relationship issues, family problems, financial and budgeting struggles, and other personal problems that affect their performance and focus at work. By allowing them to talk to a professional, individuals feel heard and listened to. Here is a non-exhaustive list of benefits YOUR employees get from Life Coaching:  

  1. They are happier in life and at work
  2. They are healthier and thus have more energy at work
  3. They are more focused in life
  4. They perform better at work
  5. They are more determined
  6. They are more committed and have more drive
  7. They have clarity 
  8. They are more fulfilled in their personal life
  9. They become accountable
  10. They learn to grow their communication and interpersonal skills

By becoming a better version of themselves, getting rid of old bad habits and creating better new habits, they become better employees. Not to forget, that they appreciate that you're investing in them and their overall wellness. 

So what do you think? Are you ready to invest in your employees and your company? 

Choose Life Coaching

See the Difference

Be the Difference