5 Foods To Avoid On Your First Date

Just imagine, ordering creamed spinach because that was your grandma's specialty and you just miss it so much. Next thing you know, your date is staring at you wondering if and she should tell you that you have spinach stuck between your two front teeth. 

Now imagine, she is the one with spinach stuck between her teeth and you can't even listen to what she is telling you right now. All you can hear is your voice, inside your head, telling you "Oh man do something. Tell her. But how? Will I embarrass her? Should I ask her if I have something between my teeth? Maybe then she'll ask me too and I can finally let her know?!" So just how can one safely eat their way through their first date? Simple! Just avoid ordering these 5 foods.


1. Spinach

Of course, spinach! Yes it's an excellent source of vitaminK, A, manganese, folate, iron, magnesium, B vitamins, calcium, potassium... errr, should I go on? Maybe skip the spinach just this one time and take your vitamin supplement when you get home. You can reminisce about grandma's delicious creamed spinach some other time. ..


2. Garlic

If you just want to make sure vampires don't get to you, walk around with a picture of Buffy in your wallet. Just don't eat garlic. Not in your pasta, not in your sauce, and not even in your ice cream (yes, garlic ice cream is a thing). And maybe you've read somewhere that garlic is an aphrodisiac? You can do the experiment later, down the road. I don't think your first kiss with your date will be very... French... if your breath stinks of Russian penicillin.


3. Pepper

Not the stuff your friendly server will elegantly grind on your fresh made gnocchi. I'm talking about the very spicy, dragon fire coming out of your mouth, type of pepper. Remember, you may want to impress your friends at a bar or a party by eating half of a Ghost pepper and that's ok. But you're on a date, and as much as you want to impress your belle, you probably won't succeed if you have to run to the bathroom in 3, 2, 1, blast off!


4. Spicy Ethnic Food

From Harissa in Morocco to Gaeng Daeng in Thailand, I'm a sucker for all foods that were marinated or cooked in lots of spices. I also love my spicy dips and sauces (hello Sriracha!). But is it really a good idea to indulge in eccentrically spicy dishes on your first date? You just don't know how your body will react. From sweating, to stomach problems and... well you get the picture. Save yourself from an embarrassing turn of events and order mild level dishes. 


5. Spaghetti Bolognese

I lived on spaghetti in tomato sauce when I was a student. It was cheap, cheerful and filling. While in beautiful Tuscany, I've had the chance to sample some really exquisitely prepared versions of this rather mundane dish. It's impressive what freshly picked tomatoes and basil can do. But it never occurred to me that you'd need anything else than a fork and garlic bread, until a friend asked for a spoon. And then I saw him twisting the spaghetti around the fork resting in the spoon, and I learned something new that day. So if you are like me, and find yourself slurping your spaghetti, totally oblivious that tiny dots of tomato sauce are flying everywhere and landing on your shirt, and maybe even on your date's face, then mamma mia! avoid this dish or learn to eat it like an expert, with a spoon.

Alright gentlemen and ladies (because we do have so many amazing women subscribed to our Newsletter), that's it from me. Bon appétit!

Mimi, your coach.