Best Dates To Fall In Love

Tired of loud bars where you can't hear each other talk? Hip and trendy brunch joints where you need to camp out 2 to 3 hours before you can get a table? Awkward nights out at the comedy show where you just don't get the jokes? We got you covered with our Fall Edition of our 5 Best Date Ideas. Leaves changed colors and nature is blessing us with beautiful and picturesque views. Pick your favorite idea and get ready to faaaaaall in love [no pun intended of course].


The Nature Lover

Nothing more energizing and resourcing than a hike in the crisp fall air. Well actually, doing so with someone special is even better! Now be careful, if you're athletic you might want to watch your pace. This is a date not a triathlon, so of course by hike I really mean strolling in your favorite park or trying out a new [easy to moderate] trail. Take time to enjoy the moment, point out the cute squirrels and pick up that orange leaf for that Instagram picture, hashtag gottalovefall.

Date Ideas

The Foodie

Om nom nom! Fall is the perfect time to try out new foods as restaurants change their menus showcasing organic autumn harvests from local farmers. Order roasted fall vegetables or try an eclectic squash soup. Maybe you'll wrap it up with a hot tottie... errr... I mean hot toddy!


The Romantic

Picnic basket: check. Cheese, crackers and grapes: check. French baguette: check. Veggie tray: check. Bottle of vino: check. Water: check (I mean, stay hydrated). Glasses: check (not made of glass so they won't break, and not plastic so they won't look cheap. Good luck). Blanket: check. Extra blanket: check (in case your date gets chilly). Napkins: check (spice it up and get those cute ones that say something funny). Now Instagram the hell outta that. 

Date Ideas

The Classic

You can always count on the movie date night. With this being Halloween week, most of the underground theaters have been showing some classic horror movies. My favorites are the very forgettable films with awful special effects and ridiculous girl-screaming scenes. They make for the best excuse to laugh out loud together while you're casually leaning closer and putting your arm around your date.

Date Ideas

The Autumnal

'Tis the season for pumpkin patches, pumpkin lattes, sweet pumpkin pies, pumpkin donuts, everything-pumpkin cravings and of course pumpkin carvings. It's a great excuse to get away from the city, and breathe the sweet fresh air at your local U-Pick farm. Take your time to stroll around, take some pictures, be that nice guy who says "yes of course" when a family asks you to take their picture and then say something like "Here, I took 5 pictures, let me know if you like them" and just have fun with this perfectly autumnal date.

Mimi, your coach.