Be more confident in 2018

If 2018 is the year you decide to be more confident, then I have some tips for you. Read on, share and stay focused. I know you got this!

Stay positive and don't always think of the negative in situations. It's easy to get carried away. If you find yourself heading into negative self-talk, then turn to a good friend, a family member or your coach and ask them to help you focus on the positive. Build upon and connect with your support system. Choose wisely who you trust with giving you such support. Those people around you who truly love and care about you will be very proud of your personal development and confidence growth. 

Be more confident in 2018

Apply self-love daily, because well... you are amazing. Just the fact that you're reading this blog post means that you care about yourself. So take time to appreciate yourself for everything that you are and that you do. When you reward yourself for every step forward and milestone you achieve, you gain self-esteem and nourish your desire to continue on this successful path.  

Relax and don't stress. Stress can upset your body and mind and honestly nothing is worth stressing about. Instead, just take a deep breath and talk to your coach or accountability partner. Together, you can calmly find a solution or plan that allows you to carry on. Learning to manage your stress levels and calming your mind will help you feel more grounded and confident in your decision making. 

Be more confident in 2018

Don't compare yourself and your life to others. Social media makes people do that. But in the real world, nobody's life is really perfect. So take your life and make the most of it. I lived in Dublin (Ireland) for a few years and there was a park that honored Oscar Wilde. There was a statue of him and a stone where this quote was written that really stuck with me. I really like and I'm sure you've heard it before. It goes like this: "Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken". It's so simple yet it carries so much truth. 

Don't fear failure. Step out of your beautiful but constraining shell and follow your dreams and intuition. If you don't try things out, then the only thing you should fear is being in the exact same place next year. The beauty is taking on New Year Resolutions is that you get 12 months to achieve your goals, so you have plenty of time. But time flies by, and soon enough we find ourselves back to square one. So don't rush, but do take small steps and daily actions towards your goals.

Thanks for reading, and good on you for wanting to change things in your life! If you have questions about how you can grow your confidence, drop me a comment below or book your introductory session with me here!

Mimi, your coach.